First Time in India !

The Fire Wand comes with flash paper for 100 shots !

Shoots Real Fireballs

Our Fire Wand, armed with innovative flash paper technology, delivers awe-inspiring bursts of flame at the press of a button—safely and effortlessly. This marvel leaves no trace, only stunned smiles and unforgettable memories. Be the enchanting highlight of every event with a spectacle that's both easy and safe. Light up your moments with magic now! 🧙‍♂️🔥

  • Load The Paper

    Simply tear and roll a sufficiently sized piece of flash paper, tightly packing it into the wand for a snug fit.

  • Cast A Fireball!

    Take aim at your target, and as you utter the mystical incantation "Incendio," press the button to unleash its enchanting power!

Now you will never run out of fireballs !